"Can't I go with them?"

I didn't have time to do a render, but I found this base and thought it would be the next best thing lol. It's just a little introduction image of my new character Ronan, and a piece from his story. I just adopted him from Bat, thanks so much!
(I forgot Ronan's ear tufts!!! Dx)


Little Ronan was sitting on a rock, with his father sitting next to him, as they saw some of the cubs of the pride running past them, laughing and playing happily and Ronan would have loved to join them.

- Father, can't I go play with them? Please? I promise I won't go far! he pleaded, and Scar slowly turned his head towards him, with a small smile.

- I'm sorry, my son, that's out of the question. By keeping you here, I'm keeping you safe from any danger. I'm sure you understand, he said with a raised eyebrow.

- Yeah, I do, but... they look like they're having so much fun, what's so dangerous about that? Ronan asked with an innocent cub voice.

- Now, Ronan, remember that you're going to be my heir one day, so you're going to have start acting like it. You are royal, so you will have no time for playing. Come along, it's time for another lesson, Scar said with a smile and a raised eyebrow, and started heading away. Ronan sighed, and looked at his paws.

- Alright, the cub said quietly, hopped down from the rock and followed after his father.

Scar (c) Disney
Ronan (c) Me
Base (c) ChubNarwhalBases

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