Zira's New Heir

Zira's New Heir

When Zira fell into the river, everyone thought that the great evil was defeated. Outnumbered and outmatched, the remaining followers of Zira surrendered to Simba, but they never forgot the lioness they had followed almost all their lives. To them, she was unjustly murdered, but they had no choice; if they continued to fight, they could be killed.

With the two prides now united, living arrangements needed to be sorted out. While Priderock was big, it wasn't big enough to house two prides at once and so it was suggested that some of the Outlanders remain in the Outlands. Simba was initially wary of this, worried about another uprising, but after some consideration, he agreed to let some remain. Rules were put in place, allowing Kovu and the guards of Priderock to routinely check on the Outlanders and ensure no uprising took place in Zira's absence.

But even though the war was over and peace had been reached, there were still a few devout followers of Zira who wanted to find her body, to really confirm this new reality. They followed the river downstream and found Zira beaten and bruised. And alive. Somehow, in some way, their leader had been spared.

Overjoyed at the discovery, her followers mended her wounds and helped her recover enough to travel back home. In their hearts, they felt they had been given another chance to take what rightfully belonged to them. Zira was more than happy to return home, but what she found wasn't what she'd wanted.

Vitani and Kovu had changed their loyalties along with many other Outlanders, leaving a measly group that had no hope of taking on the Pridelanders. Zira feared that though she had survived, she wouldn't get to see Scar's hopes and dreams lived out. But then, she remembered Malaizi.

Irina had birthed her only daughter just before the final battle, and so she'd been absent from the fight. When the time came to decide who should move to the Pridelands and who should remain, she chose to stay; she worried others would judge her and her daughter for her relation to Zira, and furthermore, she wished to look after her nephew, Huzuni. After the war, life in the Outlands wasn't too bad. Though food was hard to come by, without the war looming over their shoulders they finally had a moment to relax.

Until Zira returned.

With all her former heirs gone, Zira was left with only Irina and Malaizi, and she would make sure they didn't escape this time. In her eyes, Irina was too soft, too compassionate. She needed a fresh, clean slate, and Malaizi was perfect. She could raise this cub to be her successor, to take over and finally complete Scar's mission. She wouldn't fail this time, not like she had before, she was sure of it.

But Malaizi was not a born killer. If Irina were soft, Malaizi was as soft as a cloud in comparison. No matter how much Zira tried, Malaizi could never bring herself to hurt anyone or anything. She was too kind, too innocent, and Zira began to lose her patience. If she couldn't train Malaizi to be a killing machine, their whole goal would be useless.

With Zira's increased frustration and anger, Irina grew more and more concerned. She knew what her mother was capable of, and she was scared what she could do to her daughter. With no other choice in sight, Irina decided there was only one thing to do.

She must run from the Outlands, and never look back.


And that is the final Outlanders image for now! Wooh, this was really fun, I really liked writing out their stories and making these images. The Outlanders in this story are very excellent and add so much to the plot, so I have to thank Grey Beagle for making all of this possible ^^

I'll only have maybe one or two more images left before I have to return to school, and I'll probably stop posting again. I'll try to do more art this semester, but we'll see how it goes.

Thank you so much for reading this far, I really hope you guys enjoyed these images!

Irina, Malaizi (c) Grey Beagle
Lineart (c) Me
Zira, Original Images (c) Disney
Background (c) PrinceVoldy-TLK, Disney

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Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it Sparrow :D

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Aaw! Malaizi looks so cute and nice story with it:) Hope to see more:VitaniSmile:

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Ahhh thank you so much Bat!! Much appreciated :KiaraHearts:

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Amazing story and render, Wild, I love it!! Marvellous job as always!

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