Return to the Pridelands

Return to the Pridelands

On the fateful day Tama and Kula took into the night, tightly clutching Huria and Sukari close, they'd hoped that this wouldn't be forever. They didn't want to leave their home, had never dreamed of leaving behind their friends and family, but now they had no choice. Scar's control would only get tighter with time, and they had to make their move sooner rather than later.

That night was the first of many spent on the run, traipsing through savannahs and grasslands, sleeping in bushes and dips in the ground, struggling to find food and water. There was one gleaming light of hope, a beacon beckoning them onward despite the hardships: the Eastlands Pride. Their allies lived not too far away, deep in the jungle guarded by a vast desert. The risk was high, but the reward would be even higher. Alone they could not defeat Scar, but together they could reclaim their home.

But things didn't work out the way they'd hoped. As Tama left, seeking her own path, and the remaining trio crossed the desert, they felt the last bits of hope begin to vanish. With the sun beating down on them and vultures circling overhead, they feared they would not survive the trek across the desert. The Great Kings and Queens seemed to have heard their pleas, for the group was found by the allies they'd been searching for. With their hope restored, they hoped the same could be said of their home.

They couldn't be more wrong.

With news of the true state of the Pridelands, King Bujune declined to help, for even his pride was outnumbered by the sheer amount of hyenas. The three lionesses were left in despair; this trip wasn't supposed to be long, just enough to find reinforcements and bring them home. But now, the Pridelands was out of their grasp.

As seasons passed and Sarabi's daughters grew, their hope of returning home grew smaller and smaller. For so long, they had lost all hope of seeing their mother, of seeing their homeland again. Truly, they thought they would end up living in the jungle forever.

That all changed when they received word, delivered by Zazu himself: the Pridelands was free. Scar and his hyenas were no more and a new king had taken the throne. Kula and the girls were astonished to learn that Simba was alive, and even more so that he'd managed to defeat Scar. At once their fires were ignited with hope and happiness.

It was time to head home.


Ahh, I love these girls and their storylines so much ^^ I really need to do more showcasing the bonds between them.

But anyways, here's an image of Huria, Sukari, and Kula finally returning home for the first time in a long time. Huria and Sukari haven't seen their mother or any of the others since they were cubs, so it was quite a treat for them to come back after so long.

I'm really happy with how this came out, I hope you guys enjoy!

Huria, Sukari, Lineart (c) Me
Kula (c) SNA Creators
Original Images (c) Disney
Background (c) PrinceVoldy-TLK, Disney

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