Meeting the Guard Pt 2-Unwelcome Greeting

Meeting the Guard Pt 2-Unwelcome Greeting

Like always, trouble quickly found Habari and Kirita in the form of a sleeping cobra. Though Habari pleaded with Kirita, hoping she'd leave it alone, she refused to and ended up waking the cobra. In a fury, it hissed and spat as it lunged for the cubs. Kirita managed to dodge it just in time before running away, leaving Habari frozen. As the cobra turned, ready to strike at Habari, the young cub ran, but in his panic ended up heading away from Priderock and deeper into the savannahs, his cries for help going unheard.

Or so he thought.

Walinzi's quest to find a fresh start lead him to the Pridelands, though he didn't know much about the pride. Nonetheless, he was here, and currently he was intent on a rabbit cautiously eating nearby. The creamy lion was crouched, his one good eye trained on the rabbit, hoping to get a good meal out of it. But his hunt was cut short when a scream sounded through the air. Quickly, his prey vanished down a burrow, but Walinzi didn't have much time to mourn his kill when the scream sounded again.

Believing it to be a cub, he took off in the direction of the scream, weaving through fields of grass and rocky outcroppings till he came across a small cub backed up against a rock wall, too high and steep for him to climb. Walinzi quickly noticed a cobra slithering through the grass and advancing towards the cub and Walinzi acted on instinct.

Leaping in front of the cub, he gave a loud growl, momentarily startling the cobra. Turning so his good eye faced the reptile, Walinzi snarled in warning. The two engaged in a deadly dance, with the cobra attempting to strike and Walinzi dodging and kicking out at him. Eventually, the cobra gave up and slithered off, leaving Walinzi and Habari.

Though the cub was terrified at first, Walinzi did his best to reassure Habari. Just when he was starting to get comfortable, a reddish blur shot out from the tall grass, barreling into Walinzi's blind side and knocking him to the ground. A brief tussle ensued before Walinzi was flat on his back, staring into the red eyes of one angry lioness.

''P-Please, I didn't mean any harm,'' Walinzi said, just a little terrified of the vicious glint in her eyes. ''Funny, sure doesn't look like it,'' she snarled in return, putting more force on his body.

Finally shaken from his frozen state, Habari called to his mother, saying, ''M-Mom stop! He's friendly!" Her son's words gave her pause, and after a moment of consideration, Huria allowed him to stand, moving to stay between the strange rogue and her son.

After a brief introduction, Walinzi made to leave, but Habari protested, at least hoping he could come back to Priderock for a bit. Though still wary, Huria agreed to bring him to see King Kovu and Queen Kiara. Though Habari may like him, Huria was sure she wouldn't feel the same.

Or so she thought.


And the final part! This is the day Habari was saved by Walinzi, and the day the mother-son duo met Walinzi, who would join their little family in due time.

I hope you enjoy!

Huria, Lines (c) Me
Walinzi (c) SparrowFeather
Original Images (c) Disney
Background (c) PrinceVoldy-TLK, Disney

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