First Meeting-Part 2

First Meeting-Part 2

Koshi's hunt had been...less than successful. While he'd initially set out to get something bigger, like a gazelle or antelope, all he got was a hare. That would have to do though; he couldn't leave Amalia alone for too long, as he'd quickly learned on their travels. As he headed back to their small shelter, he heard the sounds of growls in the distance, and without thinking twice, he dropped his hare and ran towards the sound, worried his sister would be caught up in the fray.

When out of nowhere the growls stop, his heart fell to his paws, but he raced on until he found something that shocked him. Having expected the worse, he was surprised to see his sister unscathed; even better, she was jumping about excitedly, chattering quickly while a white, elderly lioness stood there, puzzled.

Koshi looked between them, gathering his thoughts, when his sister noticed him and bounded over. ''Look Koshi, this lioness saved me! She fought off this big, strong rogue; it was so awesome!'' Amalia exclaimed, weaving amongst his paws in all her excitement.

Taking in her words and seeing no sign of blood, he breathed out a sigh of relief and lifted his head to thank the lioness, only to see her leaving. ''Hey, where're you going?" Amalia called, having noticed her brother's gaze. The white lioness turned to them with a cocked eyebrow, looking rather unpleasant. ''Away,'' she responded gruffly.

Koshi had a feeling he'd seen this lioness before; he'd heard the stories of the White Devil, a lioness as pale as the moon who stole naughty cubs in their sleep. While he doubted the story, he was still surprised to see her. "Please, let me offer you some food as a thank you. My sister would be dead without you, the least I can do is give you a meal,'' he offered, taking a step forward.

The white lioness eyed them warily, even as her stomach gurgled at the sound of food. ''I think that's a yes!" Amalia said in a sing-songy voice as she bounded over to the lioness. Nuru looked quizzically between them, but finally, after a moment, fully turned to face them and follow them back to their kill.

It would just be a one time thing. Right?


And part 2! This is when Nuru and Koshi officially meet for the first time, and it starts their little traveling trio off on adventure.

Hope you enjoy!

Nuru, Linework (c) Me
Amalia, Koshi (c) Swashh.
Original Images (c) Disney
Background (c) PrinceVoldy-TLK, Disney

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