First Meeting-Part 1

First Meeting-Part 1

It was any normal, regular day when Koshi told Amalia to remain hidden while he went for a hunt. But Amalia was never really a fan of the rules, and when a bird fluttered past, she couldn't resist the urge to chase it. But, as it seemed, wherever Amalia went, trouble wasn't far behind.

A cub could make an easy meal for a rogue lion, and with her sights set on the flutter of bright blue wings, the rogue saw his chance and tried to take it. But today wasn't his lucky day; instead, for once, it seemed luck was on Amalia's side.

Nuru was never really awake during the day-the sun hurt her eyes far too much-but with an active rogue in the area who she'd run into just days prior, she was taking no risks. In a flurry of moving grass, she spotted the rogue and saw his eyes set on a young cub, distracted by a small bird.

On instinct, Nuru rushed forward to confront the male before he could reach the cub, and with their fangs bared and claws out, the two circled one another in a dangerous dance. Amalia, having spotted the rogue at the last moment, would've squealed out in terror were it not for the bright white lioness who came to her defense.

The cub watched in awe as the male rushed forward to snap, but the white lioness dodged, getting in a hit of her own. While the two swiped and dodged and growled, Amalia's blue eyes grew wider and brighter. She couldn't tear her gaze away from the lioness's form, the power she held in her surprisingly skinny frame as she beat and outsmart the rogue.

Finally, the rogue, bloodied and bruised, decided it wasn't worth the effort and fled, leaving just Amalia and the white lioness. Nuru huffed and puffed, trying to catch her breath before she remembered why she'd even been fighting in the first place. Looking over her shoulder, she was met with the bright gaze and wide smile of the cub.

''That was awesome!''


A comic of the first time Nuru and Amalia meet! In part two, Koshi will come looking for his sister, only to find her fawning over the mysterious rogue before her.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Nuru, Lineart (c) Me
Amalia (c) Swashh.
Original Images (c) Disney
Background (c) PrinceVoldy-TLK, Disney

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such an amazing story sis

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Very nice Wild :)

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