Another Argument

Another Argument

Yup, so you can see, I made a small image of Uru and Mohatu. In my theory, Uru is the princess of Priderock, Mohatu's daughter. She's always been rebellious, and often times is found arguing with her dad. Here's just one of those moments.

I'm sort of iffy with how Mohatu came out. I wanted him to have Mufasa-like qualities in the book while also having his own identity. I dunno, I guess. I mean, I wanted his mane to look sort of like Mufasa's, but also have that slicked back quality like Scar's. Not too sure how that turned out.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

Uru, Mohatu (c) SixNewAdventures Creators
Render (c) Me
Background provided by Troll Berserker, so thanks :)

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