The Ex-Heir to the dark throne..

The Ex-Heir to the dark throne..

This is my version of Mheetu, The son of Scar and Sarafina. Scar wanted an heir and wanted his queen to be Nala, Sarafina heard about this and didnít want her daughter to have to deal with a cub as such a young age so she stepped forward and had the heir to the throne.
Mheetu is loved by all of the pride, His mother, sister and pride sisters all love him dearly. His father however not so much. Mheetu was a weak cub, not strong at all and it was feared he would not make it to adult hood. but he did. So his father disowned him and left the lioness to deal with him.

More of Mheetu to come, I love him
and a good note my hand is feeling better so you will see more from me :) x

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June 24, 2019
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Thank you x:TLKlove:

June 23, 2019
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Big bad mods.
Love your version of Mheetu!

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