Sarabi and her Siblings.

Sarabi and her Siblings.

I love the way this looks, okay now for a bit of info
From left to right
Badru, Sarabi's only brother. He is older than his sisters and they annoy him a lot.
Then its Sarabi, hopefully i have made her colours look alright I was trying to make them blend but still look like Sarabi from the movie
Then it's Dwala, The mother of Zira and Tama
Then its Naanda. I havent giver her any cubs yet but I will probably make her some.
Then its Diku, The ex-mate of Taka/Scar and the Mother of Chumvi and Kula.

I hope you guys like this ?

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May 04, 2019
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OMG I love this:icon93:

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