Mohatu's Reign

Mohatu's Reign

This is Mohatu's pride, minus a few members, who I will probably make into characters in the future.
We have Mohatu and his Queen Adelie and then below them from left to right is
Jabali father of scar, brother to Ahadi
Alika, the daughter of Mohatu and Adelie sister to Uru,
Uru, the daughter of Mohatu and Adelie, Sister to Alika. Mother of Mufasa and the future queen.
Ahadi, Brother to Jabali , and father of Mufasa the future King.

Next image is Uru's Reign

Adelie, Alika and Jabli belong to me,
Ahadi, Mohatu and Uru belong to their respective owners.

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No problem. I adore your style^^

September 23, 2019
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Thank you, you are so sweet :TLKlove:

September 21, 2019
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love your style(::TLKlove:

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