Kovu's Parents

Kovu's Parents

This is Chumvi and Mashika. Kovu's Parents.
Their story is a sad one, they met when Mashika along with Zira joined the Pride. Mashika feel hard for the kingís son. Chumvi. Chumvi was head over heels for the new gal. Their love blossomed and they grew into a tight couple. They soon had two cubs. They were still young, but they loved their small family. Chumvi kept his head down and didnít want o get on his fatherís bad side. Mashika was getting weak. The food was low but high in demand. Mashika fell pregnant again but it was a rough pregnancy. Chumvi had the plan to move his family somewhere else. He gathered his cubs at the border and went to go get his wife and unborn cub. But he was stopped buy the gathering of sorrowful Lioness. Zira came up to him and said that Mashika went into labour but sadly they both didnít make it. Chumvi stricken with grieve said goodbye to his mother and family and ran. He left with the cubs and left. Zira had lied to chumvi though. Mashika did indeed die but their son Kovu survived.
Years later when Kovu was grown and the pride was strong once again. A small band of rogues, where seen. Chumvi and his cubs and their familyís had returned home.

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So, could I still make one of their cubs? :) It's alright if you don't want me to, though. Lol.

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