How I blend in MS Paint

How I blend in MS Paint

I have recently been asked how i do it and well I find it hard explaining it so I thought I will show you.
1, Open a new page and the press the “ctrl” key and the “E” key and set the new page to 50 by 50.
2, Add your two colours you want to blend like this. I used bright ones so you can see it easily. But any will do.
3, This is where it’s a little complicated, Press the Resize button and this will pop up. You have to click the Maintain aspect ratio button so its not ticked. Then go to the “Horizontal” bar and type 1. Then click okay it would look like this. Very thin 😊
4, I then select the colour strip and drag it got out t make it larger. The colours will blend and your done 😊

I hope this helps, Hopefully i've explained it okay.

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