"Dad, what is this place?"

The small band of lions looked down and the land before them. The lush grassland and wild jungles were teaming with life. The oldest male stood at the front, with Kondo, one of his sons close by. Chumvi smiled softly as he gazed upon his old home. How it has changed since he has last seen it. The younger one looked at his dad and said “Dad, what is this place “. Chumvi smiled down at his boy. “Don’t you remember? You were born here. This is the pridelands. Our Home”7

I’m trying to work on my characters stories more so here is Kondo, He is Chumvi's son and Kovu's older brother.
This is when Chumvi's small pride. Which includes Konda, Kwanza and their mates, return home to the pridelands. After they left when Scar was king.
I might do some more parts. Like them meeting Simba or Kovu.
Story and Kondo belongs to me
Kwanza belongs to Wildfire
Original images belong to Disney.

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