Really? (Shan and Keyon)

Really? (Shan and Keyon)

Keyon: "You lived in the forest?"
Shan: "Yeah, it's amazing there"
Keyon: "And you only ate bugs and plants?"
Shan: "Yeah! My dads raised me on that diet so I wouldn't eat them or someone they knew. It's not that strange"
Keyon: "I know but what gets me is how your parents are a meerkat and some gassy pig."
Shan: "You're right it is a bit odd..."

Upon meeting each other for the first time Keyon was extremely confused about as to how Shan had the most odd parents. The eating bugs and plants didn't bother him at all... He was just confused about as to how a pig and a meerkat could have such a child, he was totally unaware of how Shan was only adopted by the two.

Shan, Keyon, Lineart / Render (c) Myself
Background (c) Disney

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