Meeting uncle Scar

Meeting uncle Scar

After venturing off from his mum and siblings Kai went to find his cousin Simba. The two had fun playing and joking around till Simba suggested that Kai met Scar. Upon entering the cave where the lion lived the cub felt extremely uncomfortable. But he did his best to maintain his confidence when brought to his uncle's side. The look of worry on Kai's face was sign enough that something wasn't right... After this meeting Kai followed his cousin to look over the pridelands from pride rock, though it took a while he soon spoke up on the matter.

Kai: "I don't like him..."

Simba: "Why? He's not that bad, he's just got an odd sense of humour"

Kai: "It's not that he's strange Simba. He's not like everyone else in the pridelands, I don't see how you don't notice"

After that Kai said his goodbyes and left his cousin confused by what he had been told.

Scar, Simba, bakcground (c) Disney

Kai, lineart / render (c) Myself

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