"Will she be fine?"

just a picture of Simba with his youngest son talking about Roni who's a close friend to his family and a distant relative.

a little story about it.
it was sunset and Daniel had seen his older "sister" figure being down this morning while he called his older siblings Kiara and Kopa, he wished his older twin Kion could come and help but he was a king..

the young male lion had many thoughts and questions how he could help someone who's closer to his older siblings's age so he went to talk to someone who was a full grown..

Daniel :"hey dad" the young lion muttered
Simba looked at his youngest cub and smiled sadly :"yes son?" he added
"Will she be fine?" he asked about the lioness Roni.
Simba gave a small smile but kept his face stern :"maybe someday but right now she needs our help , any help" he added
"but she said she wants to finish her journey on the circle of life" he added crying a bit
"well the road of being alive and wanting to vanish is very thin my child" Simba explained to him.
"why she is being so so so sad?" the young lion asked
"well son, she can't control her scar and her roar.. they bother her so much.." he added "so probably they are the reason for vanishing." Simba said.
"so it's just like Kion?" Daniel remembered his older twin's crisis.
Simba nodded "sorta but she doesn't have the ability of the roar of the elders nor a scar in her eye and venom inside it" he added
"so what's the solution to those mental scars?" Daniel asked
"we can help her a lot but the tree of life is the thing that we will let her relaxed" Simba said sternly.
"No, she can't go, it's so so long journey" Daniel wept crying.
"I know, but she is having hard times, Kiara and your siblings are very worried and so does her mate and her friends" Simba sighed.
"I will try my best way to help even if she will find her help" Daniel smiled sadly..

(I know I am looking for help and I need to quick so my journey is like a metaphor like going to the tree of life and stuff. I didn't do a Roni picture but mentioning her)

Simba,mentioning of Kion,Kiara and Kopa and original picture(c) Disney
base,mentioning of Roni, Huruma,Kharabu and Maneno(c) me

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