The Most Dangerous Son

The Most Dangerous Son

This was inspired by a short RP I did with Luscience. I hope you like this Lu! Here's essentially a summary of what happened:

Arien's face twisted into a frown, eyes narrowing ever so slightly at his cousin. "You and I both know that you're no longer interested in the throne, Elewisa. Why do you keep widening the rift between your brothers?" He asked, wondering if he would truly receive an answer from the fiend.
Elewisa burst out with maniacal laughter, shaking his curly mane. For all the gifts his older cousin possessed, he should have been able to understand. Thinking back to all the chastising he received from others about his games with his brothers, El supposed that no one quite understood. Elewisa gave Arien his brightest smile, and said simply: "I'm bored."
Arien sputtered incredulously at the response, his hackles rising. "You're tricking your brothers into tearing each other apart because you're BORED?!" Of all the reasons he imagined Elewisa would give, boredom wasn't anywhere on the list. Elewisa shrugged, an expression of disinterest returning to his face. "It's fun to see such chaos unfold. Now, I must bid you farewell cousin, for I have more trouble to cause yet this day." And with that the darker lion stalked off. Arien stood there for a moment, thoughts of terror runnibg through his mind. Oh how the pride was blind! So many lions saying that Elewisa was a good choice. If they only knew. Of all the princes, Elewisa was the most dangerous. Arien shuddered to think of what the dark fiend would do to satiate his boredom if he were to ever become king.

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September 13, 2020
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So glad you like it ^^

September 12, 2020
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I really like this! And I would agree with Arien- I can only imagine the horrors El would conjure forth just to stop from being bored.

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