Nala age/color changes

Nala age/color changes

So, I've been trying to theorize the reasons behind Nala's color changes. In the first movie, she is dark brownish while in SP, she's really pale. And her TLG colors kind of looked like a mix of both of the movies to me. Regardless of what colors they are, I find all three of them equally beautiful and wanted to use all of these designs. So what I've theorized is that her colors change because of age (pretty common and obvious XD). But not solely because of age though, I have decided that the color changes will be linked to genetics. She starts to get pale as she ages, because she starts to resemble her ancestors more. In my HC, Nala's ancestors- Asim (her great grand dad), Asha (her great grand aunt) and their mother who is supposed to be a white lioness (her great great grandmother) all of them are really pale. While the SP colors are not as pale as they are, they became paler than her first movie's colors because she is starting to resemble her ancestor. I'll be using these colors according to these following timelines:

18 to 25 in Human Years: During this time of her life, she is dark brown like her father (since Sarafina is lighter than her). She finds Simba somewhere between this time period and also gives birth to Kiara around 24/25 years. (I know the pale Nala appears during Kiara's presentation but still whatever).

26 to 40 in human years: Now, her colors are starting to become lighter. It has become more yellowish and lighter now, but still somewhat resembles her father. She gives birth to Kion when she is around 27/28 years. This is the color that stays untill season 2 of The Lion Guard (Kion as pre teen).

40 and above in human years: Now her colors have become really pale and she resembles her ancestors more now, instead of her father. Her colors are also dull now because she is not really a young lioness anymore. This is when Kiara is a young adult and the teenaged Kion is on a mission to go to the Tree of Life.

(Note that the calculations are rough and may not accurately match that of Kiara and Kion's age and timelines).

I tweaked Nala's TLG colors a bit here.

I'll do a Simba one next :)

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