The sun was setting and the ceremony was about to happen. King Michelangelo and Queen Marianne were already positioned in their places in the highest rock, as well as their daughter Aquarius, a little far behind. Leo and Zendaya arrived a little after and sat down next to Aquarius.

- Late as always, brother.- Aqua didn't turned her head to greet him, her voice was monotonous.

-It's the first time I am late for something, Aqua.- Leo grinned at his little sister, rolling his eyes.

-Let's hope it's the last as well...-She said, keeping her serious tone.

Leo was about to say some come back when their father asked for silence. Every animal attending the ceremony stopped talking and turned thei attention to the King.

- It's a great to see so many creatures attending this ceremony, I'm infinitely thankful our most estimated allies could come from so far away to be present at this so valuable event...-

As Michelangelo started his speech, Aquarius tried her best to keep her head held up, her mind began to fade away, not listening anymore word her father was saying. She ended letting her head down, breathing roughly. Her older brother noticed her struggling.

-Aqua, are you okay?- Leo asked, frowning due to worry.

Aqua snapped back to reality as Leo called for her.

- I couldn't be better, Leonardo.- She whispered to him bitterly.

- Are you sure about that?- He kept insisting.

This question made Aquarius completely outraged. "How could him be asking such a thing?  Does he think I'm not able to keep control of her own body and mind? I'm completely capable of that." She thought.

-Yes, I am.- she answered.

-Now I am more then glad to introduce you all, the future Queen of this Kingdom...-

Before Leo could protest and make another question, Aquarius stood up.

-I must go now. We are done with this subject for good.- As  she walked to her father, Aqua could feel the last of her strength vanishing each step she gave. "Please, don't fail them now..." Her mind kept remembering her while her sight started to blur,  and everything began to fade away.

- Aquarius of the Dark Water Pri...- Michelangelo turned his head before finish this sentence in time to see his daughter falling down.

-Sister!- Leonardo yelled, running to help her.

The last thing Aquarius could see, was her family worried faces, then, everything went black.

Render and Aquarius (c) Me

Leonardo and Zendaya (c) Sierra

Original Images (c) Disney

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Omg this is amazing Lisa thanks for including Leo And Daya. Poor Aqua is pushing herself to far

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This is such a well done image, and the story is so good!! Excellent job :NalaHeart:

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This is so amazing !, The atmosphere the lighting ! so beautiful:KiaraHearts:

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