Once I'm king

Once I'm king

Walking around the Pridelands, the oldest of and Kovu cub, Mosi, was guiding their younger siblings, Kato and Asali, to somewhere that according him, they could play and have some fun. Kato and Asali looked at each other uneasily, their older brother was known by his misbehavior, and oftenly would drag their siblings into some trouble.

- I hope you know what you are doing, Mosi. Mom and dad will be furious if you mess up everything...- Asali made a quick pause, letting out a frustrated breath. - ... again.-

Mosi looked daggers at his little sister. It didn't bother Asali at all, she was used to his death glamce every time she said something that bothered him.

This time, Kato spoke up. His voice was calm but worried.

-Asali is right, you shouldn't act like you don't care about the rules or responsibilities.

Mosi ceased walking by the edge of a small hill, his siblings stopped by his side.

- I don't need follow any rules. I'm the next in the line to the throne,. Once I'm King, I'll do whatever I want and go anywhere I desire, and no one will say otherwise.- Mosi said, his tone was confident and a little arrogant.

- That's not true. Kings must follow rules as well.- Asali stared at her oldest brother, she smiled teasing him.

- Well, not this king.- Mosi puffed out his chest, smiling widely back to Asali.

Kato was standing in the middle of those two, a bit uncomfortable. Trying to lift up the mood he said.

-Why don't we keep going?- He gave a small smile.

-Alright! Let's go them.- Mosi said, always so confident.

Then, the three cubs walked down the hill.

This is my part of a trade with WildFire. Hope you like it!

Characters (c) WildFire
Render (c) Me
Original Images (c) Disney

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February 01, 2020
Brazil Is currently on the site
I'm glad you liked it! ^-^
It took me some time, but I kind of like the result.
I also wrote this little dialog between them. I am not the best writer, but I thought this image would be more interesting with this background story.

February 01, 2020
Shoutbox Moderator, Articles mod, Global... Finland Female Is not currently on the site
Big bad mods.
Oh my goodness, this is wonderful! I love it!! They all look so cute here, and I really like how the lighting is done. Thank you so much!! My half will be up as soon as possible. :)

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