Your Place

Your Place

Serena thought maybe if she talked to her brother in law Moyo he'd be more open to share whats going on with him.

Serena: "Moyo, you've gotta come around sooner or later. I thought growing up you wanted to be king?"

Moyo: " I did at one point of my life, but that point is over..."

Serena: "I know what this is about. It's about your father isn't it? Is it about the fire?"

Moyo: (Turning around) "Listen Serena, I cannot be king, I just don't want to do anything anymore... *Sigh* you wouldn't understand my pain."

Serena: (As both start to lay in the grass) "Moyo the thing is, I do know your pain. I went through the same thing. My parents were both killed by a wildfire, I honestly don't know how I survived but I did and here I am thriving like they would have wanted me too."

Moyo: "I'm sorry about that, but the thing is my brother is doing an amazing job as king. That role fits him better than it does me."

Serena: *Sigh* "At least you finally told one of us something so I can shut up Kumal and Tanga up about this" *laughs*

Moyo, Serena & Render(C)Me
Original Images(C)Disney

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