After years of not knowing their own father, they finally came face to face with him. Akins struggled to make a relationship with Zira, since she had such a desire for Scar he didn't see a reason too stay hidden in the Pridelands anymore and chose to flee before he was caught.

While these three were finally catching up after many seasons apart. they noticed an elderly rouge wandering the Pridelands.

Naku: Who are you? What brings you into the Pridelands?
Akins: Naku? Noey? Kovu? is it really you?
Kovu: Who are you, and how do you know our names?
Akins: I'm..sorry I abandoned you three..
Noey: Abandoned? What?
Akins: I'm... I'm your father.

As confused and shocked as they were to reunite with the one person they never met, They wanted answers on why he left.

Akins: I left just right after you three were born. Your mother Zira was very blessed to be able to deliver 3 healthy cubs in the conditions she lived in. I wanted her to run off with me, but she wouldn't, She was so sure Scar wanted her to rule beside him. I couldn't stay hidden forever, and I wanted to take you three with me.... But I couldn't. so I left, and I'm sorry, I hope you guys can forgive me.

Naku, Noey Akins(C)Me
Original Images(C)Disney

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