Our Place

Our Place

Kumal came up to Serena to talk about the plans his mother is gonna go through with the next day.

Kumal: "This is just great.. My brother failing his duty to take over as king."

Serena: "So what if he failed his duty? I'm sure Kiara won't have an issue with continuing the pride alone, she's made it this far."

Kumal: "That is the problem. Mom wants to announced to the pride that I will be standing in as king until Moyo plans on taking over."

Serena: "And what is your issue with that?"

Kumal: "The fact that he will never make up his mind, or the fact that I've had no royal training growing up? I honestly never wanted to be king, I enjoy what I do now."

Serena: "I honestly think you'll make a great king, and I will be by your side, you won't be ruling alone. You never know, Moyo might have a change of heart and wanna take his place."

Serena, Kumal & Render(C)Me
Original Images(C)Disney

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