It Is Time For You To Take Your Place

It Is Time For You To Take Your Place

Kiara is finally getting on to Moyo about choosing a bride and taking his place as king. If not she is about to give it to his brother Kumal since he has his life more on tract then Moyo.

Kiara: "Moyo, I've been very patient with you, but I think it is time you choose one of our suitable young lionesses to rule by your side."

Moyo: "Mom, could you just lay off! I'm not ready, dad knows I'm not ready and he isn't here to guide me anymore."

Kiara: "Son, Your father would want you to quit sulking over his death and move on with your life, and continuing your bloodline. I'm sorry I can't bring him back."

Moyo: "Sometimes I wish it had been you instead."

Kiara:(In shock, starting to cry) "Moyo I loved your dad more than anything.... Maybe you aren't ready." (As Kiara runs off into the cave)

Moyo did start to feel bad at what he told his mother, and even got scolded by his brother who overheard what was said.

Moyo & Render(C)Me
Kiara & Original Image(C)Disney

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Bad Moyo :( poor Kiara

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