Fancy Meeting You

Fancy Meeting You

So when Moyo was out just wandering the Pride Lands he came across Zira. He had no idea she was related as no one ever brought her up. Honestly in my opinion I think Zira survived and took off back to the out-lands, of course I tried to age her somewhat and provide some injury she could have encountered from her fall.

Zira: "Well what do we have here? Moyo isn't it?"

Moyo: "Excuse me who are you?"

Zira: "Don't know me do you? Obviously the family never brought me up, well today is your lucky day.

Moyo:(interrupting Zira)" Lucky Day? What is that supposed to mean?"

Zira: "As in I am your grandmother! We are related Moyo, our bloodline is the same. I've carefully been watching you from a distance for some time now."

Moyo: "Watching me? But hold on a moment why haven't my parents or anyone brought you before."

Zira: "Most likely because your father betrayed his duty... He killed his own brother, and ran off with your precious mother. He didn't care about who raised him, not to mention talked your mother into throwing me off a cliff and almost killing me."

Moyo: "Why haven't you guys tried to make amends. Listen my father is now long gone, but there is still a chance my mother could forgive you."

Zira:" That is where you are wrong my boy. I'm exiled from these lands, but once you become king and Kiara steps down from her role, you will be able to lift that ban.

Moyo & Render(C)Me
Zira & Original Images(C)Disney

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