What!? Your Kidding Right?

What!? Your Kidding Right?

(Serena Walks Up To Kumal)

Serena: "Hey Um....Kumal I Need To Talk To You"

Kumal: "Sure I Need To Tell You About Something As Well"

(Kumal And Serena Walk Off In The Distance)

Kumal: "So What Is It You Need To Tell Me"

Serena: " You First"

Kumal: "Okay, Well I Would Be Happy To Tell You We're Up For The Throne Since Kay Has Yet To Choose A Mate, So..."

Serena: "So....What?"

Kumal: "So We Don't Have To Worry About Having Cubs Just Yet, Because If You Remember Correctly We Could Only Take Place If We Were Gonna Have Cubs, But Since Kay Has Yet To Find A Prince We're Net"

Serena: Well Thats Kinda What I Need To Talk To You About, I'm....I'm Expecting"

Kumal: "WHAT!!, Your Kidding Right"

Serena: "Yes, Kumal I Am And Its Yours"

Kumal: Really...Well....Uh Thats Great"


^^ Oh Yeah Kumal Is Gonna Be A Daddy, But You Can Tell He Is Really Shocked About This, Surprisingly He Didn't Go Into A Coma LOL XD

Kumal, Serena and Render(C)Me

Original Image(C)Disney

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