The lion king 4 - Return of Kopa

Author : Rebekah_the_Lion

Date sent : February 15, 2012

Rating : PG (Parental guidance suggested)

Category : Relationship/Love

Description : The story of Kopa, Simba's son. When Kopa falls in love with Vitani, Zira is out to kill him. Will Kopa live to fight back, ot will he be joining Mufasa? I created the cover using ms paint. I did not steal any art off of anyone to create this, I did it myself (and it took forever)

Length : Short -

Characters :
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                  PG (Parental guidance suggested)
The lion king 4 - Return of Kopa
By Rebekah_the_Lion

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This fanfic was rated PG (Parental guidance suggested).


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vitani is me
is me
January 30, 2013
Is not currently on the site
it made me cry way beter then any of the one's on you tube have you tried getting it published? or have you sent it to Disney at least

may south
September 22, 2012
Is not currently on the site
well thats my image that i did but good story

June 09, 2012
Newzealand Is not currently on the site
I love this story!

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