It was about a year after the Outlanders joined the Pridelands, and Zira was defeated. It was the reign of Kiara, and her new mate, Kovu. As expected of them, they were to provide heirs, and not long after they became the new rulers, and Simba stepped down with Nala, Kiara found herself pregnant, and gave birth to a dark colored female, whom she named Akosua, as she was born on a Sunday. Kiara was quite satisfied, but Kovu wanted a male heir. And, once Akosua was weaned, Kiara became pregnant again, and hopefully this time, an heir would be here.


It was night time. Darkness was thrown across the lands, with only the glitter of starlight to light the way and the pale moon, shining like a claw scratch in the sky. Priderock loomed up, and looked like a mountain at some angles. And if you looked closely, very closely, you could see the dark outlines of lionesses, laying on the rock. On most nights, especially one like this where it was quite cold, they usually stayed inside, but they looked restless. Out of all the lionesses, the ones that stood out were two males. One was a yellowish orange color, with a dark red mane. He sat near the main focus of everyone's attention, which appeared to be a small cave. The male had a worried expression on his face, clearly nervous about the happenings inside. The other male was smaller, with a dark brown, almost black mane, and an orangeish brown pelt, with glowing green eyes. That male was pacing, agitated.

"What's taking so long?" he asked out loud. "They've been in there for hours!" he exclaimed. "Do you think something's gone wrong?" he said, walking up to the larger, older male. "Do you think something has happened?" he asked again. The other male shook his head. "No Kovu, I'm sure everything is just fine. Rafiki is there, remember," the male lion said. Kovu sat down, and gave a long sigh. "I hope you're right Simba," he said, then looked down at his paws. "Father! Father!" a voice called, and a small, reddish colored lioness cub jumped over to Kovu. "Akosua! What're you doing up past your bedtime?" he asked, looking down at her. She smiled sweetly up at him. "I couldn't sleep. Everyone is just so excited!" she exclaimed, jumping up and down.

"You should be in the cave, getting rest," Kovu said, turning her around with his paw. She stubbornly turned back, giggling. "Where's mom?" she asked, looking around. Kovu's green eyes widened, and a serious expression passed over him. Simba saw this, and looked over. "Sarafina, could you take Akosua back to the den?" he asked. An aging lioness with green-blue eyes got up and nodded. "Yes, Simba," she replied, then grabbed Akosua up in her jaws. Kovu sighed, turning Simba's attention to his son in law. "Kiara will be fine, I promise," he said, smiling warmly. Kovu returned it, but a glimmer of doubt was still in his mind.

It seemed like forever, when a shadow arose from the cave. Out of it hobbled a monkey, wielding a stick with some fruits attached to the end. Kovu got up, eyes wide. "How is she, Rafiki? Is she ok?" he asked, his ears pulled back. Rafiki gave a weak smile, which faded quickly. "Simba, Kovu, I want you to follow me," he said, then headed back into the cave. Simba and Kovu exchanged nervous glances, then headed in, side by side. The cave was much darker than it was outside, but pale light shone through a few cracks, illuminating a lioness lying on her side, heaving. "Kiara!" Kovu exclaimed, heading towards her happily. He lay down beside her. "Are you ok?" he asked, then realized something wasn't right. "K-Kiara?" he asked, flattening his ears. She gave a moan, and he noticed blood nearby. "W-What happened?" he asked, looking to Rafiki. The old monkey lowered his head. "The first two were fine. But.....the last one caused her much strain. She lost too much blood. I'm.....afraid she won't make it," he whispered, but Kovu heard every word he said. His eyes widened in shock, and he looked to Kiara. "Please. You need to fight through it," he pleaded, nudging her. She gave a weak smile. "My time is coming, Kovu. I need you to be strong," she replied, opening her brown eyes.

"No. No!" Kovu exclaimed, getting up to pace the cave, tears stinging his eyes. "This-this can't be happening!" he said. Simba walked to his daughter. "Daddy," she said. He nuzzled her, and tears began to stream down her face, and Simba teared up, but kept his voice strait. "Are you sure?" he asked. She gave a weak nod. "I guess you can't send Timon and Pumbaa after me this time," she joked, giving out a weak laugh. Simba smiled. "I guess not. Tell Mufasa I said hello," he replied, then they both nuzzled one last time. "I will. And just remember, I'll always be with you," she whispered, then her head dropped, and the room fell silent. Simba fell to the ground, covering his head with his paws as he mourned for his daughter. Kovu had paused from pacing and growled. He glared at Kiara's dead body, and an indescribable anger over powered him. He unsheathed his claws, then yelled, "It shouldn't have happened!" He raced out of the cave, and went strait through the lionesses, who all seemed confused. Vitani began to go after him. "Leave him," rumbled Simba, who appeared at the mouth of the cave.

"Everyone, gather yourselves over there," he said, whipping his head sharply to his right, where a large rock jutted out, the place where he announced things and such. As they headed over, murmuring, he returned to the cave. In the shadows, a lioness with blueish eyes lay, three small bundles at her side. "Are you sure you can handle them?" he asked her. She gave him a smirk. "I handled Kiara and Kopa very well didn't I?' she asked. He smiled. "Yes, but that was only two. Now you have three cubs," he said, then looked around to see Kiara's body. "I wanted to be here for Kiara," she said, then looked down at the cubs. "Do they have names?" Simba asked, laying down. She nodded. "Well, most of them. The oldest male there," she replied, tossing her head in the direction of a pale brown male, "Is Tendaji. The other one," she added, looking to a small, dark brownish male, "Is Kato." He nodded. "What about the female?" he asked, noting the small cub. "Kiara didn't name her. This is the one that caused trouble," she said, looking down at her. "We'll let Kovu decide," Simba said, getting up and heading out. "If he comes back," he muttered under his breath.

He stepped outside, where a slight breeze ruffled his mane. He headed off to the right, where the lionesses had gathered, along with Kopa, his only son and once was the future ruler of the pride. Vitani was by his side, her pelt pressed up against his. Simba skirted the crowd, until he was at the front where he could adress the pride from a slightly higher post. "Everyone, I have an announcement to make," he boomed, and the crowds fell into a hush, all eyes on the past king. He took a deep breath, knowing that what he was going to say would affect everyone. "Kiara has passed on to be with the great kings and queens of the past," he said, looking wistfully to the sky, where he swore he saw two bright stars beside eachother, as if Mufasa were welcoming his daughter into the realm of the great rulers. The crowd gasped, and Kopa stood up. "This can't happen. Who will lead us?" he asked, confusion and sadness on his fate. Then, the crowd began to murmur, until it rose to a dull roar as they began to panic. Simba was frustrated, and gave a loud roar, silencing them.

"We will be able to live on, but not without your help. We will need every member of the pride to keep calm, and just work a little harder," he said. The crowd got quiet, and everyone tried to comprehend the task at hand. "But who will rule us?" asked a lioness. "I will, for the moment," Simba announced. There came a few gasps, and Kopa walked to him. "Father, you are far from being the young lion you were. You could get hurt, or killed!" he exclaimed. "You won't be able to defend this pride alone," he added in a calmer voice. Simba sighed, saying, "I know, son, But, you have denied the throne." Kopa flattened his ears in sadness, and Vitani lead him away. "Now, we have three new cubs, and a possible new king," Simba continued. He was about to start again, when the sound of paws on stone made everyone turn around. Kovu stood there, his eyes hateful and glowing. "Please continue. I didn't mean to disrupt," he hissed, then headed off for the rock he had slept beside when he first appeared. Vitani exchanged worried glances with Kopa before going after him.


It had been two days since the birth of Kiara's cubs, and her death. It was a sunny day, but Kovu felt less than sunny. He was still mourning, staying in a secluded cave far from pride rock. Despite Vitani pleading him to come back, he payed no attention to his sister, and lay in the dark shade, glaring at the wall. Right now, a ceremony was to be held for his cubs, but he wasn't going to go. It would cause him too much pain, especially since two of his three cubs resembled their mother. His claws always seemed to be out, scratching at the dirt, rock, or whatever happened to be under his paws. He ate well, hunting small animals for himself, and even though he needed more, he ignored the hunger pangs in his stomach

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