Kovu sat on the promontory looking at the night sky. He wishes that Simba and Nala were alive since they were taken a little too soon. The wind blew gently against Kovu's mane as if to tell him not to stress over being king. He was also told that Kiara is expecting her first litter of cubs. Kovu was happy to hear that but was still nervous about being a king. Vitani watched Kovu from the mouth of the cave and decided to go out and see if he's okay.

"How are you holding up Kovu?" Vitani asked.

"Not so great," Kovu said.

"You'll be a great king and also a great father," Vitani said.

"I just hope the kingdom won't fall apart like when Scar was king," Kovu said.

"It won't since you're very noble and the pride likes you," Vitani replied.

"That still doesn't change the fact that I'm nervous about controlling the kingdom for the next few years," Kovu replied.

"Kiara will be by your side and I'll help you out whenever I can," Vitani said.

"You can help out by being the new lead huntress since Shani's getting on in years," Kovu said.

"She's only eight years old Kovu, Sarabi is still around and she's thirteen years old," Vitani said.

"Yeah but Sarabi is not going to last that much longer at thirteen years old," Kovu said.

"She's still strong," Vitani said.

At the mention of her name, Sarabi got up and walked out to see Kovu and Vitani on the promontory.

"Hey Sarabi, we were just talking about you," Kovu said.

"I'll leave you two alone so you can talk," Vitani said.

"See you later Vitani," Kovu said.

Once Kovu and Sarabi were alone, Kovu started talking. Sarabi listened to Kovu vent out his frustrations for a half an hour. The old lioness saw the distress in his eyes. It upset her to see him upset. She put a comforting paw on his shoulder. He started breathing hard. Sarabi was thinking he was having a heart attack from all the stress he was going through. She called for Kopa to go fetch Rafiki so he can take a look at Kovu. Kopa did what he was told as Sarabi continued to try and calm Kovu down. Kovu was still breathing hard and couldn't calm down. Vitani was just taking a short nap by the waterhole when she decided to wake up. As she started walking back to Pride Rock, she spotted Rafiki riding on Kopa's back. Vitani walked over to the duo and asked them what was going on.

"I was told to fetch Rafiki so he can take a look at Kovu," Kopa said.

"Whats going on with Kovu?" Vitani asked.

"Sarabi told Kopa to tell me that Kovu started breathing hard and couldn't calm down," Rafiki said.

"He was fine when I talked to him about an hour ago," Vitani said.

"Lets get back to Pride Rock," Kopa said.

When Vitani, Rafiki and Kopa got back to Pride Rock, Rafiki got off of Kopa's back and went over to Kovu. The distressed lion was still breathing hard and sounded very upset.

"He's been like this for a while Rafiki," Sarabi said.

A sudden pain in the pit of Kovu's stomach occured.

"Ow my stomach hurts," Kovu complained.

"Did you eat something that didn't agree with you?" Vitani asked.

Rafiki did a quick examination on Kovu and confirmed to Vitani that he is just very stressed out. Kovu really wanted to get his breathing back to normal. He was glad that when Rafiki confirmed that he wasn't having a heart attack.

"I'm gonna go to the waterhole guys," Kovu said.

"Will you be okay by yourself?" Vitani asked.

"Not really," Kovu admitted.

"I'll go with you then," Vitani said.

The two siblings went to the waterhole together so they could talk alone. After getting a drink of water, Kovu was feeling a bit better.

"How's your stomach feeling?" Vitani asked.

"It still hurts but thanks for asking," Kovu said.

"I noticed that your breathing is getting back to normal," Vitani said.

At Pride Rock, Sarabi was explaining to Kiara, Kopa, Rafiki and Shani about Kovu venting out his frustrations to her. Kiara grew really worried. Sarabi assured her that Kovu will be fine. Kiara felt better knowing that the stress won't prove to be fatal. She was beginning to think that Kovu was going to die from the stress.

"It seems to me that Kovu suffered a mild panic attack from bottling up his emotions since cubhood. The deaths of Simba and Nala and ascending to the throne just added to his stress level," Sarabi explained.

Meanwhile at the waterhole, Vitani was swimming in the water. Kovu was laying down on his back looking at the stars and wondered if Simba and Nala were up there. After Vitani was done swimming, she got out and shook the water out of her fur. Kovu saw that she was heading in a different direction.

"Where are you going?" Kovu asked.

"I have to go pee," Vitani said.

Vitani went to look for some bushes and found some by a tree not too far from the waterhole. She stepped into the bushes and started peeing. After she was finished she went back to the waterhole and saw that Kovu is now in a sitting position.

"Ready to go back to Pride Rock?" Vitani asked.

Vitani saw Kovu head in the direction of the bushes.

"Where are you going?" Vitani asked.

"I have to pee," Kovu said.

After Kovu finished doing his business, he and Vitani went back to Pride Rock. Kovu and Vitani went to lay down in the cave near Kiara.

"I was worried about you Kovu," Kiara said.

"I'm fine now," Kovu said.

Rafiki walked over to Kovu and asked how he was feeling.

"I'm feeling better Rafiki thanks for asking," Kovu said.

"I'm glad you're feeling better," Rafiki said.

"You were feeling sick?" Kiara asked.

"I wasn't really feeling sick it was just my stomach was in knots from all the stress I'm going through," Kovu said.

"Thank goodness you're okay," Kiara said.

"It also looked like the walk to the waterhole and getting a drink seemed to have calmed you down," Rafiki said.

"Sometimes going out for walks can help decrease your stress level," Vitani said.

At the back of the cave, Shani woke up from a long nap. She got up and stretched and then walked to the front of the cave. Shani let out a yawn as she met up with Sarabi.

"Hey Mom," Shani said.

"Have a good nap?" Sarabi asked.

"Yeah I needed that nap since I was pooped," Shani said.

"Has anyone seen Kopa?" Sarabi asked.

"He went to the waterhole for a drink," Kiara said.

A roar was heard in the distance. Kovu decided to go check it out. The roar came from Kopa while he was trying to fend off three hyenas. The female hyena was digging her claws in Kopa's butt and the other two were biting and clawing at his flesh and mane. Then the female hyena tried to strangle him with her jaws. The mane was too thick for her to grip his neck so she started swiping at his face and hoped to blind him. Kovu saw the attack and ran to help Kopa. It gave Kopa some time to throw the female hyena off of him while the males were chasing Kovu. The three hyenas were known as Shenzi, Banzai and Ed.

"Oh come on Kovu, we won't hurt you," Shenzi teased.

"I got dibs on the legs Shenzi and Ed you try to blind him," Banzai said.

Ed laughed maniacally and grunted since he was mentally retarded. Shenzi jumped on Kovu's back and started ripping his flesh. Kopa ran after them an tried to throw Shenzi off of Kovu. Banzai was trying to break one of Kovu's hind legs with his jaws. Kovu collapsed from exhaustion and that made it easier for Shenzi, Banzai and Ed to attack him. Kopa regained more strength and managed to scare Shenzi, Banzai and Ed away from Kovu. He saw that Kovu was wincing and trying to stand up. After about the second attempt to stand, Kovu gave up. Kopa walked over and inspected him.

"It seems you sprained one of your paws," Kopa said.

"It'll take more than a sprained paw and some flesh wounds to kill me," Kovu said.

"I wouldn't be so sure, those wounds look infected," Kopa said.

Kovu started getting all dazed and confused. His vision was also going in and out. He now knew that he was going to pass out. Kopa lifted Kovu onto his back and carried him to Pride Rock so Rafiki could take a look at him. Once Kiara saw him, she started to cry.

"Who did this to him?" Kiara sobbed.

"It was Shenzi, Banzai and Ed," Kopa said.

"Oh no, those are the hyenas that tried to eat Simba, Nala and I when we were cubs," Shani said.

"If I recall correctly, Scar sent them to kill you, Simba and Nala," Sarabi said.

Kopa set Kovu on the floor. Kovu managed to regain consciousness and let out a wince because of his sprained paw.

"What happened to me?" Kovu asked.

"Don't try to talk Kovu, you need to save your strength," Sarabi said.

Kiara licked Kovu's cheek and then flinched. She knew something was wrong but couldn't put her paw on it.

"Kovu feels quite warm but I can't tell if its a fever," Kiara said.

"Only Rafiki will tell for sure," Sarabi said.

"Kovu saved my life today," Kopa said.

"Simba and Nala would be happy that you saved Kopa's life," Shani said.

Kovu would occasionally start to wince and growl. Kiara tried to calm him by talking to him and stroking his mane

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