The Lion King II: The First Tale

The prologue

This fanfic happens on a Alternative universe based on the first concepts of TLK 2. Many charatcers have different names and designs, they are indeed different characters but still have the same role as the original ones. Thsi fanfic shows how the TLK2 story could have been.

Characters guide: (TLK2 - Fanfic)

Zira - Bianca

Simba - Simba

Nala - Nala

Nuka - Nuka

Kovu- Nunka

Vitani - Shetani

Sarabi - Sarabi



   ... She could fell the rain drops falling all over her, washing her pain away while she tried to wake up, trying to remember what happened. Suddenly a loud distant roar took over the Pridelands, Bianca opened her eyes and tried to move her head, looking around her she realized she still was in the Priderock, the skies were dark and grey, the rain was healing the land from the fire and she was alone. Bianca looked up and she could see the Priderock, she could see a lion on it, a lion roaring, could it be Scar? Now she tried to get up, with many difficulties she found a way to stand up, Bianca was dizzy and confused, she could see what was around her but she could't understand, and her right ear was burning of pain, she took a deep breath and looked around again, realizing that she was in the ground Bianca remembered everything, her memories came to her mind like they were happening again. She wasn't in the ground before, she was there in the Priderock at the highest point of it, with her beloved husband King Scar, but something happened, someone arrived and chnaged averything, Simba arrived like the fire and consumed everything that belonged to her and Scar, she should have helped him, she should be with him when Simba tried to attack, but Sarabi did everything to stop her, the two fought like never before, Sarabi had won, she took a piece of Bianca's right ear as prize besides throwing her from the Priderock.

"Grrr, Sarabi that bastard, she did it to me" Bianca felt the urging pain on her right ear and touched it softly with her paw, there was still a bit blood coming from it since the rain had washed the blood  "Dammit! I just wonder how I survived that fall, where's Scar by the way?" For a moment another memory came to Bianca, it was about Scar, she remembered the time she was fighting with Sarabi and she saw Simba pushing Scar off from the very top of the Priderock, that has been the moment she got distracted and Sarabi pushed her causing her fall to the ground.

"Wait... Scar! Oh my love, I hope you're alright" Bianca said recovering her strenght and trying to head up to Priderock.

She tried to walk quickly, her body was still a bit hurt and she was tumbling a lot suprised by the fact that none of her bones were broken, she didn't knew exactly in wich part of the Priderock she was, with all that rain it was hard to see what was around but there was a trail that would lead to the back part of the Priderock, Bianca kept walking to the trial, it was a bit hard to move because of the big rocks that she had climb sometimes but in a few minutes Bianca reached the end of the trial who led her to a small path. In the way of the path Bianca started to hear cries, it looked like cub cries and the only cubs in the Priderock were her children, she got worried and remembered of her cubs, she had left then alone, could it be them? Were they hurt? She didn't considered herself a bad mother, she didn't wanted her cubs to be hurt and just to think about it Bianca got extremely angry and worried. She followed that path till the end of it fast as she could. That path lead her to a area were lionesses used to rest below the trees who were now destroyed, in one of the walls there was a huge crack it was so big that a lion could get in, the wall was close to Bianca and the cries were coming from there. She approached the crack and looked inside of it, what she saw left her shocked, Bianca gave a suprised gasp when she saw her 3 cubs inside of the crack, they were hugging eachother on a cub pile, trembling of fear and cold. The oldest of the cubs, Nuka saw his mother's face outside, he had no reaction he just ran to her and hugged her arm wich were the only part he could reach:

" Mother! Please take me home, I'm scared mommy!" Nuka said crying and sobbing while Bianca conforted her son nuzzling and licking his head, the other cubs were newborns and stayed inside the crack it seemed that they were born a week before that day

"It's okay Nuka, mommy's here now, tell me what happened, where's your father?" Bianca said in a calm voice and conforting Nuka

"Oh mommy... I saw it, I saw everything, when the battle started I hide Nunka and Shetani in that crack and looked for daddy but..." Nuka couldn't finish his line he just cried of fear

" Nuka please, tell me what happened now!" Now Bianca seemed more angry, she let go of Nuka and looked angrily at him

" Scar... Is dead! I saw his body covered in bites and burns... after..."

"No! No it can't be Nuka you are lying! Your miserable cub tell me the truth now! Please, tell me Scar is alive! Say it miserable!" Bianca got out of control and extrremely mad, her blue eyes now had some contrasts of red fire and anger, while she just hit Nuka in the face, the cub could see the anger in his mothers eyes and some tears coming from it. Nuka retreated from his mother's spankings until he got cornered in the wall

" Mom, It's true, I swear, it was Simba! Simba killed him I saw everything, please it's not my fault" Nuka said scared while continued crying

" No... It can't be... Simba killed Scar? No!" Bianca stopped and turned her back to Nuka, she wanted to cry but the anger and fury just consumed every inch of her, her eyes were almost red.

" Where is him? Where's the bastard?" Bianca asked to Nuka like she was threatening him

" I don't know, he must be with the lionesses in the front part of the Priderock"

" Oh Simba, you chosed a bad day to die, I'll make you suffer!" Bianca said while she ran to the front part of the Priderock leaving her cubs behind again, Nuka thought he should follow his mother, he grabbed Nunka and Shetani and followed her fast as he could.

   Meanwhile in the front part of the Priderock, Simba, Nala and Sarabi were sitting at the tip of the Priderock talking, the rain was falling slowly and was stopping, the other lionesses were sleeping inside the cave, Timon and Pumba were sleeping in the cave too. Simba already gave the orders to the lionesses that tomorrow they would try to bring water back to the Pridelands and that night they could sleep in peace. It had been so long since Sarabi saw her son, she couldn't even believe it was truly him and she wanted to spend most of time with him, while Nala would enjoy some good time with her future king too, the 3 were close to eachother looking at the stars, Simba was between his mother and Nala:

" Oh son, I can't believe that after all this time you came back, I knew you was alive I always knew it, when Scar told us what happened I went to the Gorge and all his stories didn't made sense, now I understand" Sarabi said happily

" Yes, It's a long story ma, I'll tell you every detail but only when everything back to normal"

" Simba, what happened to Scar? did he ran away?" Nala asked while she leaned her head on Simba's shoulder

" No, Scar is dead, during the fight I pushed him and he fell down... and the hyenas, that fire... Well, I'm sad for his death, he was my uncle after all but... he deserved it"

" What matters is that everything went to normal, and maybe when we bring water back to the land we could go to the Waterhole, if you know what mean eh Simba?" Nala said with a provocative and playful tone

" As long as Zazu goes too..." Sarabi said and then the 3 started to laugh

"It's been so long since I don't laugh like this... We're glad you're back my son" Sarabi said laying her head on Simba's shoulder too

" But there's only one thing missing... If Scar's dead... Where's Bianca?" Nala asked a bit scared

" She must have ran away along with her hyenas, she's just a pure coward like Scar" Sarabi said angrily

" Hey, who's this Bianca you are talking about"

" You don't know her right? She's Scar wife, "Ex"-Queen of the Pridelands" Nala said

" She's evil like Scar itself, I doubt if she's really gone" Sarabi said

" During Scar's reign, Bianca was Scar's right hand, she would give us orders and spank us if we didn't follow them" Nala said

" Yes, there was a time that a lioness gave birth to 2 cubs and Bianca killed the cubs and the lioness, she didn't wanted any cubs in the Priderock, only hers" Sarabi said

" *gulp*... And do you think she still around?" Simba asked a bit suprised and scared

" I don't know my son, last time I saw her we fought like never before, Bianca wanted to help Scar to kill you but I stopped her, I pushed her off the Priderock" Sarabi said

" Mother? Did you killed her?" Simba asked suprised

"No, she was still alive, I saw her breathing, she must have ran away"

" I hope so, because Bianca is capable of anything and if she finds out that her beloved king is no more she will..."

" She will take out her

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Loved it! great job on the prologue, you did great!

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Finally, almost 1 year working on this one, I finally finished the PROLOGUE :icon74:

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