“And he laughed,” Simba finished, giggling, “harder than I’d ever seen him laugh before.” Nala smiled,

“And you know what the funniest part is?” she scooted back to Simba’s side, pressed warmly against his leonine body, “we are happy.”

“I see nothing funny about that,” the lion said, a smile on his face and his voice low, “it’d be impossible for me to not be happy with you around.”

“Simba,” the lioness said, her voice equally as low and intimate, “you say the sweetest things sometimes.” The two locked eyes, smiling.

It was ironic, you might think, that a massive flash of lightning illuminated the rainy sky, followed by a tremendous crack of thunder. Amid it all, the two lovers had created a protective shield with their connection of hearts at that moment. Neither moved or startled, completely lost in the depth of their collective souls.

Just then, Nala jumped, hard enough to surprise the lion next to her. She uttered a soft ‘ooh!’ of surprise, and looked at her burgeoning belly. Simba blinked and looked to see what had happened.


“The cub kicked me!” she giggled with glee. The lion smiled proudly.

“Soon, we’ll be parents and can pass on our stories to our cub, male or female.” Nala sighed mildly.

“I was thinking of names just the other day, what do you think about Tanabi or Chaka if it is a male, or Aisha or Kiara if it’s a girl?”

“I know a name that would work for either,” Simba grinned, “Muddy-buns.” It took a little while, and a lot of convincing; but, for three suns of consistent grooming, a few nights off of the hunt, and enduring a playful tickling, Simba managed not to have to sleep in the rain that night.


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