The king sat and sat and sat. That’s all he’d been able to do for days. After he had banished Zira and her followers to the outlands he couldn’t seem to do anything productive. Zira had killed Nala and his unborn cub while he was out scouting the pridelands, making sure the hyenas hadn’t gained enough courage to return to his home, unfortunately the real enemy had been inside the borders.

His cub was to born that day, along with a handful of other cubs in the pride, but now there was no ceremony of a future king. There was only silence. An old baboon crept up beside the king; he had been a loyal follower of Mufassa, and now Simba, but what was to be if there was no heir on its way.

“Simba” the baboon called.

The lion took his eyes of the sky and looked at Rafiki. “I know you’re grieving but there are still cubs on their way Simba” the wise baboon said.

Simba looked down at his paws and then back at the cave entrance where the lionesses were resting. “I know but this has never happened in our history. What am I supposed to do?” Simba asked.

Rafiki hit him with the stick he carried around and Simba raised a paw to his head, “Ow!”

The old monkey chortled, “Sometimes I swear you’re clueless” he joked.

Simba raised a brow as Rafiki continued with his explanation, “Those cubs being born are special and you can train them like your own cubs. You can show them the way to being a king and when the time comes you may choose a ruler to begin a new line of kings. A new history”

Simba looked at Rafiki, contemplating the idea, it seemed perplexing, yet it worked by most standards. Simba looked back at the den, “Would you tell Zazu to inform the pregnant lionesses of your plan?” he asked as Rafiki nodded and bowed.

He looked back at the skyline. It was done.









Perseus's Point of View


Part I


Dauntless Dare

“I swear if we have to sit through one more class I’m going to claw someone” I growled, making my way along the tall grass, following a well-known zebra path.

Siri followed close behind, “You’re just bitter because Simba’s tougher on you”

I raised my head with a smirk, “Yeah I wish that old lion would leave me alone”

Siri hit my shoulder, “He’s your king Percy”

I sighed, “Yeah I know…” I trailed off when I saw the overhang ahead. I trotted ahead as Siri kept her same pace, joining me on the edge of the rocky edge.

Suddenly two other lionesses pushed out of the tall grass, “You didn’t slow down for us guys” Katy complained as Arturo just took her place beside Siri.

I laughed, “You should’ve kept up” I told her playfully.

Katy just rolled her eyes and walked up to me. She looked down at the rocky overhang which lead down into a dried river-bed where the antelope would drive when the rainy season came. If you crossed that area and climbed the other side you had made it to the swamps, the area where the outlands began. Siri pushed up beside me as I stood, overlooking the cliff with a grin, “What are you thinking Percy? I know that face” she said.

Arturo and Katy both looked at me with confident glares, “I bet you can’t make it down to the riverbed” Arturo challenged.

I rolled my eyes, “Psst, that’s too easy guys”

Siri pushed my shoulder with her paw, “Fine than go to the swamps”

My confidence left me as I stood gawking at the dark swamp in the distance; I bite my lip and look at the three cubs. “You scared?” Katy questioned.

“No…but what if Simba catches me over there” I answered.

Siri smiles, “So you are scared?”

I raise my head and shake my head, “I’ll be back soon” I said, leaping over the side of the rocks, slipping down the bottom swiftly where I landed on the dry earth beneath me, I looked back up at the three cubs who sat looking down at me with gazes that tested my next move. I trotted across the dry riverbed easily and then began clearing the other side.

Once I’d clawed to the top I looked back at the three cubs. Now they looked scared, “What, are you scared now?” I asked, yelling it across the overhang.

Arturo and Katy bent down in the grass and Siri stood in the same place with wide eyes, “Percy! Get out of there, I see something moving”

I raise a brow and look back behind me; sure enough I see the grass moving. I go to jump back into the river bed but I notice the way I’d climbed wasn’t great for sliding down. Spiky rocks stood and there were dozens of holes in the surface of the dry sand, probably where dangerous snakes lay. Before I had time to think I looked back over the ridge, “Siri, hurry, get Arturo and Katy and hide. I’ll be okay!”

Then I disappeared into the darker green grass of the swamps. I crawl through the mud until I reach another drop off. I stand up and look around, there’s a log that stretches out over a muddy waterhole, which ends on a muddy island in the middle of the murky water. There was a huge rock sitting in the waterhole and I guessed if I could reach it than I could climb to another pathway which would lead me home.

I got onto the limb and began walking over when it began shaking, I clawed onto it, screaming as I looked over my shoulder. It wasn't me shaking the branch. It was another lion cub. He saw my eyes on him and backed off, eyeing me, amused, "What are you doing pridelander?"

"Running" I answered sarcastically as I balanced on the limb which was now even more flimsy than before.

"You should be, if Zira caught you here you'd be done for" the cub returned.

I twisted my body on the limb, gazing at the cub, "Well I'm trying to get home. It isn't like I want to be here" I snapped.

The cub sat on his hunches, licking his paw before answering, "Well than I'd be going in another direction pridelander because you're headed straight for the lioness patrol heading this way" he growled.

I swallowed hard and shook my head, my tuft of fur becoming messier than before, and I climbed back up the limb where the cub was waiting, growling, "What are you doing?" he asked again.

I pushed passed him, "Isn't it obvious" I snapped back, pushing passed him as I trotted back into the grass.

That's when a scent caught my nose and I fell back on my stomach, scared, the fur on my back stood on end. It was Zira or her followers. I knew that stench, whatever it was it wasn't good. I leaned down further into the grass just as a huge paw, claws sheathed, lands by my nose.

"Hold on I smell something" the lioness snarled, sniffing the air.

I cringed at her voice, when suddenly I hear another, muffled call coming from the distance, "Percy! Where are you?"

It was Siri, my stomach dropped as the lioness roared in her direction, "This way ladies!" she cried as she dashed off, followed by a few other outlander lionesses. I jumped out of my hiding place though, hitting one in the leg.

"Hey! This way!" I shouted as the lionesses stopped and glared back at me. I smirked and then raced off in another direction. This was it! I was going to die.

I ran as fast as my cub legs could carry me but I could practically feel the lionessess' claws hitting my tail behind me. My panting became a rhythm and my throat throbbed, then a shadow passed over me and landed between me and the lionessess. Simba.

He roared as the lionessess halted, still growling though, as Simba stood as a barrier. Simba clawed one lionesses as she roared in pain as another one came in her place, each recieving a bloody wound reminding them that they were female and he was male. Eventually they all dissapeared back into the swamp just as Siri trotted into view. Her head down and tail low as Simba glared at her, then back at me, "Where's Arturo and Katy?" he commanded.

Siri swallowed, "Back across the ridge"

Simba growled, pacing back and forth, his anger radiated like the sun's heat. It burned. "Get back to priderock immediatley. I'll get Arturo and Katy. We'll talk when I return" he growled as Siri crept passed him to where I stood.

That's when Simba caught my eye, his eyes might have radiated furiousness, but deep down I saw the real feeling, dissapointment. I lowered my head and led Siri back across the borders to the pridelands as Simba dissapeared to find Arturo and Katy.

Siri and I walked in silence, which I was thankful for, finally I saw the peek of priderock, where a number of lionesses sat waiting for us and Simba. I sighed and lifted my head as high as I could manage through my sadness.



Sure enough Simba returned with the two other cubs. He ordered the lionessess' to go hunting while he had a talk with the four of us. We sat at the edge of priderock now with Simba offering us mild gazes of anger.

"What were you thinking? What did I clearly state after your lesson this morning?" He demanded.

"Not to leave the pridelands" Katy managed quietly, the only one brave enough to speak at that moment, sitting under Simba's wrath.

"Exactly but you thought it was a good idea to leave the pridelands than, what could make you think that?" he roared.

Siri looked up at him, "We were playing...we got carried away"

Simba turned towards her, "You of all the four should know where the boundaries end. You should

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