Back in his Past

Author : Paxis

Date sent : March 25, 2008

Rating : PG (Parental guidance suggested)

Category : Flashback/Character Developement

Description : What if Simba never met Timon and Pumba?What if instead he went back?If you have been thinking of these questions then this story will adore you! In this story,you will find your self in an adventure!

Length : Short -

Characters :
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                  PG (Parental guidance suggested)
Back in his Past
By Paxis

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This fanfic was rated PG (Parental guidance suggested).


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Last comments

October 25, 2010
Usa Female Is not currently on the site
Better than the movie! Stupid Scar! Stupid Simba! I don't know which to be mad at! But the grammer was just a bit hard to understand.

April 26, 2008
Is not currently on the site
Great story! That was almost better than the movie.

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