Adebowale: Prologue

Author : SilverKia

Date sent : June 13, 2009

Rating : G (Everyone)

Category : Flashback/Character Developement

Description : As the pale tan lioness lifted the cub for all to see, roars erupted from the pride. At long last, their king and queen had a cub! As everyone gatherd around as the cub was brought down, no one noticed the form croutched in the shadows. Pale gold eyes watched the small cub as it was was given back to the queen. No, this one wasen't-- There! The gold eyes widened. There, on the cubs shoulder, it coulden't be, but it was! "She's the one." the lioness murmerd. As quiet as the wind, the lioness melted into the shadows, not even rustling a single leaf with her departure.

Length : Very short -

Characters : 413 visits

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                  G (Everyone)
Adebowale: Prologue
By SilverKia

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This fanfic was rated G (Everyone).



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