Queen Rani

Queen Rani

when it comes to the lion guard, ive never rlly been able to keep watching it consistently. id start watching it, to at least give it a try, but it very quickly began to feel like a chore to keep watching. decided to just give up trying, and i now mostly keep up with the show via youtube clips.

that being said, season 3 of the lion guard does look pretty interesting to me. not enough for me to sit through seasons 1 and 2, but still. i think its pretty neat they actually try to tie things in with tlk 2, and i love rani's design especially, as well as quite a few other new big cats theyve introduced (i noticed a tigress? with her cubs? super cute)

this was mostly just to practice drawing lions tbh. im mostly an mlp artist nowadays so i dont rlly draw much else, trying to prove to myself im not just a one trick pony (no pun intended).

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