Happy Family

Happy Family

lil drawing of kion and rani's family (that also doubled as ref pics for Shuja and Taba).
ive redesigned kion a lot, particularly his coat colours. im lowkey highkey kinda bored of simba clones so i tried to make his colours significantly lighter and less orange than simba's.... also made him blind on his scarred eye (because idk, i mean, he got venom in it so i assume thatd do more than just a scar?) - while his natural eye colour is more like nalas....because again, enough of the simba clones.
rani i didnt change much, if at all. i love her colours, the only issue i take is with how short her snout is and how big her eyes are in the show. like compared to the other girls like tiifu zuri kiara, she's really weird looking.
and then obv we got muh bois, shuja and taba. im really happy with these two lil rascals

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