*Warning blood* What if?

*Warning blood* What if?

What if Furaha had returned but ran into kovu before he got to kiwara? Here it is...


Furaha skidded to a hault, "Heh hello si-"

"I told you not to come back!" Roared Kovu and he leaped upon Furaha.

"Hi daddy, wheres Furaha?"

"Outside dear..."

"Furaha!" Kiwara looked and saw his body lifeless and still...

*SCREAM* "Daddy how could you..? You've killed... your grand childrens father..."

Dun dun dun...


This doesn't actually happen just want to see what it looked like :0 terrible thought!

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November 15, 2010
Italy Female Is not currently on the site
* Queen of Foxes *
OMG!!!!! :o ...... It's soo sad!! But this don't will happen ( I Think xD ) in my Fanfic! ;) I Love it! 8D:Love:

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