Save Me Mum!!!

Save Me Mum!!!

"Argh! Save me mum!" Yelled cubbie Furaha...

"Stop running Furaha! Your losing me!" Giggled Kiwara,

"Thats the whole point!!!" He yelled, running behind his mum.

"Can Furaha come and play Julie?" Asked Kiwara,

"Yes dear, go on Furaha." She smiled.

"MUM! Make her go away she creeps me out! And girls are yuck! She might try to kiss me!Urgh not worth thinking about!"
He stayed behind his mum, pretending to be sick.

"Urgh Furaha, Kiwara you can stay here to play if you want," Julie asked.

"Yearh!" Giggled Kiwara, she leapt up.

"Leave me alone!" Furaha ran for it.

"Kids." Julie sighed rolling her eye's.


So what does every one think? Furaha hates being followed XD and hates being followed by Girls that like him XD. Enjoy the pic XD

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August 01, 2010
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Welcome Animha :)

August 01, 2010
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* Queen of Foxes *
lol ahahah soo cute and funny! I love it!! 8D Thank yu soo much :D

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