You're In Trouble, Mister

You're In Trouble, Mister

The three cubs glared at the large gold lion that stood on the rock behind them. All of a sudden, Kibwe dropped to the ground, holding his chest.
"Ahh!! Those monsters attacked me father!" He yelled in 'pain'. The other three cubs were standing there with disgust written across their faces. It was obvious who was attacked and who wasn't. As Kion jumped down from the rock, he walked toward the cubs.
"I am sure that's what happened here, Kibwe. Tell the truth." It seemed Kion wasn't the only one of the lion guard that had arrived at the scene. Kibwe shook his head.
"It is the truth!" Kibwe exclaimed. His father frowned, then looked at the rest of the guard.
"Lion guard! Please continue the patrol without me. I need to take the cubs home." Kion's voice was booming loudly, and it seemed he was incredibly mad. As he turned back to the four cubs, he gestured for them to follow him.
"Home. Now." He said, turning around and heading back to Pride Rock. Nuru crouched down a little, and looked at Zuberi.
"Here, I'll help you home."
The entire way home was silent, with the occasional glance at each other. It was an awkward walk, but eventually they reached home where they were greeted by Vitani running down Pride Rock to see if her son was ok.
"Zuberi!! Zuberi!! Are you ok? What happened??" She exclaimed. Kion lowered his head a little, in shame of what his son had done.
"I... I'm so sorry Vitani... Kibwe attacked him. I saw it with my own eyes. Nuru and Sudi were trying to protect him." He replied, then turning to face Kibwe.
"You're in trouble, mister. You attacked fellow pride members, and lied to me! This is disgusting behaviour. Now come with me, you'll need to explain to your mother about what you've done." Kion growled, pushing Kibwe away from the other cubs. Vitani licked some of Zuberi's wounds before picking him up and heading up Pride Rock. Sudi looked at Nuru.
"Is... Is he going to be ok?" Sudi asked.
"Probably, I mean I've seen worse." Nuru replied, in which Sudi sighed.
"This is all my fault!" Sudi cried, running up the rocks and into Pride Rock. Nuru watched the cub as he ran, and felt a little bit of guilt himself. Slowly climbing up Pride Rock, he headed to the edge. The Pridelanders always seemed to have such close relationships. He didn't understand how they could end up having such a murderous cub among them... Then all of a sudden a paw touched his back.
"Heeeeyy, Nuru!" A whiny voice called. Rolling his eyes, he turned around. There she was. The most annoying cub in the world. Princess Brat.

Another part to the picture stories~ I hope you guys enjoy it!!
Zuberi, Nuru, Kibwe, Sudi, Art (c) Me
Kion, TLK (c) Disney

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April 25, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
I'm glad to see Sudi is getting a bit more justice, and hopefully we see where Nuru's loyalty lies :TLKwink:

April 25, 2019
France Female Is not currently on the site
La Démone Folle
Poor Zuberi ;-;

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