The Fight

The Fight

A small breeze brushed past him as he strolled through the Pride Lands. Zuberi could sense someone (or someones) following him, but was just keeping a distance between himself and them. He wasn't in the mood for another argument with Zalika. What was her problem? He didn't like the way she hurt Sudi. He even saw the way she treated some of her own friends, like Nuru, Dalila and Hasnaa- she would pick on them for their flaws. Like the fact that Nuru didn't have a mane yet. Zuberi was sure the cub would grow one eventually, and even if he didn't who cares? Out of nowhere, Zuberi heard a low growl. He was confused. It did not sound like Zalika. Sighing, he turned around, and to his surprise, he saw Kibwe... his eyes were red in anger. What was his problem?
"Yo, Kibwe... right? I don't think we talk much-" Suddenly Zuberi was cut off with a squeaky roar. Damn, the poor cub sounded worse than Berko when he roars.
"You." Kibwe growled.
"Me?" Tilting his head, Zuberi was confused.
"You're so dead." Growling again, Kibwe ran toward Zuberi. Was there time to turn and run? Zuberi knew he could out run the cub, but he had too big of an ego to run away. He knew his mother wouldn't turn down a fight.
"Bring it on, big guy." As Kibwe came closer, he eventually jumped and pinned Zuberi to the ground. It wasn't like the cub expected, Kibwe was stronger than he thought. Then again, he was quite stocky so of course he was strong! Kicking Kibwe in the crotch, and flinging him away from himself, Zuberi stood again.
"It'll take more than that to bring me down!!" Zuberi laughed. What was the point of fighting him? They barely knew each other. What was Kibwe's problem? Before Zuberi could react, Kibwe jumped on him again, ripping into his back. Clawing his face and chest, Kibwe began to growl again.
"Die!" Kibwe mumbled. Die? Zuberi was confused. Kibwe wanted him dead. Dead. He was going to kill him if he didn't do something. Pulling out his claws, Zuberi pushed Kibwe again. This time, it was Zuberi's turn to attack. Smacking Kibwe across the face, he then chomped down on Kibwe's ear, ripping a hole. The fight seemed to go on forever. Zuberi was getting tired, as Kibwe jumped on him again.
"Stop!!! Kibwe stop it!!" A voice yelled. No. Not here. Go home. Zuberi looked up to see who it was. If it was who he thought it was. Sudi. Being distracted in a fight is not good... Kibwe bit down into Zuberi's chest. Screaming, Zuberi pushed him again. This time, he didn't get off.
"Kibwe!! Please!!" Sudi screamed again, running over to them. There was someone else with him.
"This is unnecessary." The other cub said to Kibwe. Looking up at the two cubs, Kibwe growled at them.
"Leave or you'll die too." Then again, he bit down onto Zuberi's chest.
"No!! Stop!!" Pouncing at Kibwe, Sudi pushed the solid cub off Zuberi. The other cub tried to help him up. Kibwe growled again. He was terrible at it, and it just made him look more crazy.
"Nuru. Traitor!" Kibwe yelled, running toward Nuru, however Sudi jumped onto Kibwe's back, and began biting into the cubs back. Yelling again, Kibwe rolled and smacked the ground with his back.
"Nuru? What are you-" Zuberi began to question.
"I'm here to help you." Nuru cut in before Zuberi could finish.
"Why? Aren't you his friend..." Zuberi said.
"No... but I could be yours?" He replied, as Zuberi stood. It seemed painful, so Nuru let him lean against him. As Kibwe stood by and watched this moment between Nuru and Zuberi he felt another surge of rage rush through his body.
"Traitor." Moving toward the other cubs, Kibwe licked his teeth which were covered in blood. In fear, Sudi curled up behind Nuru and Zuberi. All of a sudden, a loud roar echoed.
"What was that?" The cubs all looked in the direction of the roar, and on top of a rock just a few meters away stood Kibwe's father.
"What is going on here?"
omo I wonder what'll happen next? Will Kion punish Kibwe fairly?

Art, Kibwe, Zuberi (c) Me
TLK (c) Disney

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Oh wow this got so intense! The story is going good so far, keep it up Yesungie!! :TLKhappy:

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