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Go Away

Annoyed, and frustrated that he couldn't hang out with the other cubs because of what happened the other day, Kibwe walked through the Pridelands with an angry stride. How dare his father send that annoying bird to watch over him?! He hated that he was constantly being watched by that annoying bird, and was thinking of ways to rid himself of the creature. Maybe he could lie to Ono about... what exactly? He was out of ideas. Besides, even if he did end up going near the others they were being watched by Vitani. He hated that mangy looking lioness. He hated all of the outlander lionesses. They just didn't fit in, and made the pride look ugly. Well that's what Kibwe thought anyway. He was still mad that Nuru betrayed him and decided to help his enemy. Kibwe thought that Nuru was his friend, now he realizes what a traitor he is.
"Kibwe, you're getting to far away from Pride Rock. You know this is out of bounds until you learn to behave." The annoying bird squawked.
"Ugh, go away you bird brained freak!" Kibwe growled, lashing out at the bird. Dodging, and flying a little higher, it seemed he made the stupid bird mad.
"And with that attitude, I will surely report to Kion about. It seems you'll have another day with me tomorrow." Ono exclaimed. Rolling his eyes and sighing deeply, Kibwe was getting very annoyed. Then an idea. If he pretended to be nice... or even the slightest bit kind to the older lions and lionesses, then his father would let him go play with the other cubs again! He'll just do what his father said he must do before he'd let him see the other cubs, just manipulate the adults. Yes. Smiling a little, he looked at Pride Rock. Those three brats won't know what hit them!
omo I am dead, drawing Ono was harder than I thought it'd be. As you can see, Kion has decided to keep his son under the watchful eye of Ono, and keeps Kibwe close to Pride Rock. He's also been banned from playing with the cubs until he learns how to behave.
Kibwe, Art (c) Me
Ono, TLK (c) Disney

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April 29, 2019
South_korea Female Is not currently on the site
Thank yu~

April 25, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
You did a great job on Ono, lovely Yesungie :TLKlove: I love the story so far, can't wait to see more :TLKhappy:

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