A New Brother?!

A New Brother?!

As the next day rolled by, the cubs were heading back to Pride Rock after their day with Nala. Jumping around, and happy... most of the cubs were. Kibwe was grounded so he couldn't attend the play day, and Zuberi was still quite injured he decided to stay with his mother today. Running ahead of the others, Dalila looked back to the others laughing.
"Can't catch me slow pokes!" She yelled. Three more cubs ran after her, yelling and laughing. It was a sunny, happy day. Then all of a sudden...
The cubs stopped, and Nala looked toward Pride Rock.
"Grandma? What was that?" Zalika asked, worried.
"It was Kovu... something has happened to your mother." Nala said. Zalika and Sudi looked at her, then at each other.
"Mum!" The two cubs ran toward Pride Rock, in hopes that their mother was ok.
"Hurry Zalika!!" Sudi yelled, running a lot faster than his sister. Eventually, she caught up as they reached their home. Climbing up the rocks, in a panic they headed into the opening to the cave. Tired from their very fast and worried run, they looked into the cave. Their mother was laying at the back of Pride Rock, she looked incredibly tired. Looking up at the two cubs who stood at the door she smiled at them.
"Mum!!" Sudi exclaimed, running toward her.
"Are you alright?" Zalika asked. Kiara chuckled a little.
"Don't worry my cubs, I'm fine." She then moved her paws slightly, to reveal a small golden cub that was sleeping soundly close to her chest. The cubs gasped.
"Is that-"
"Zalika, Sudi... meet your new brother, Azizi." Kiara said, cutting off Zalika's comment as Sudi squealed slightly and flopped down next to the small bundle of fluff.
"A new brother?! Oh no, no, no, NO!" In a huff of anger and dissatisfaction, Zalika turned away and headed out the cave.
"Hello little brother, I'm your big brother Sudi!! We're gon' be the best of friends! I already love you!!!!"
Hahaha Zalika isn't happy... is she? ;3 Now there is two little brothers mwahaha!
Zalika, Sudi, Azizi, Art (c) Me
Kiara, TLK (c) Disney

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April 25, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
Welcome little Azizi! Lovely image Yesung, the expressions are so good :TLKlove:

April 25, 2019
France Female Is not currently on the site
La Démone Folle
I love Sudi's face :D

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