We Need To Talk

We Need To Talk

Heading up the front of Pride Rock, with his young son following behind him with his head low there was a lot of thoughts running through Kovu's mind. As he entered through the mouth of his home, he was greeted by a young lioness charging toward him scowling.
"Dad!!" She yelled. He knew she was about to demand from him yet again.
"Zalika. We need to talk." Kovu said, frowning at her. She looked confused, but still incredibly mad.
"About what?! You forgot to tell Mum to hunt zebra like I asked!! Now we have wildebeest. I wanted ZEBRA!" She screamed at him, glaring at him. Kovu has had enough of this.
"No. I didn't forget. Besides, that is not what we need to talk about." He replied to her yelling. He hated it when she yelled, so he just gave her what she wanted to shut her up.
"Then what do you want to talk about, stupid?" She asked. Kovu looked behind him, as Sudi stood behind him, hiding behind his back leg- shaking in fear at what Zalika might say to him. Kovu's son has always been shy like this. He was worried the other cubs would pick on him because he was so passive.
"You." Zalika growled, looking at Sudi.
"You told him?! Little brat!!!" She yelled, putting his paw out to stop her from attacking him, Kovu pushed her slightly.
"Enough. Now tell me, what did you say to your brother about not wanting to be friends? Your brother should be your best friend, Zalika!! Your closest ally! Your brother should be more important to you. He is your family. Now I want you to apologize to your brother." Zalika glared at Sudi.
I kind of changed the colours a bit, because I didn't like my colour choice for night in the previous picture. I wasn't keen of the colour of the cave walls though..
Here we have Kovu talking to Zalika about what she had said to Sudi that day.
Art, Zalika, Story (c) Me
Kovu, Lion King (c) Disney

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This is really good, your story and art is going great. Keep up the good work :TLKhappy:

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