Oh Sudi

Oh Sudi

Walking slowly down the path back home, crying and in pain, all he wanted to do was go home. As he headed up the path to Pride Rock, he saw three familiar lionesses talking. Limping over to them quietly, he could over hear their discussion.
"Well... we did ground her to Pride Rock so she should have time to think on her-" The orange lioness was saying, before she looked over to him. She was in shock at the state her son was in. He was covered in bruises and mud.
"Sudi! What happened?!" She asked worried. Attempting to say something, anything at all, while trying to hold in his tears he walked over and collapsed into her paws. All of a sudden he could no longer hold his tears.
"Z-Zalika and her friends! They always hit me, Mum!" He cried, the pain from the beatings and her words still fresh from that morning. His aunt snorted.
"What a brat." She exclaimed.
"I thought that Zalika was grounded?" His grandmother questioned. Kiara was incredibly shocked. Why would her daughter do this to Sudi? She herself would never have hit Kion this way, for she would never forgive herself if she did. Kovu didn't mention if Zalika was hitting Sudi... had they spoke about this?
"Oh Sudi... I'm sorry." Kiara said, softly nudging his head. She began to lick at his fur trying to get away all the mud off. That daughter of hers needed a talking to.
"So. What are you going to do about this? I hope you aren't going to give a light punishment again, Kiara." Vitani snapped. She was furious.
"Zalika needs to learn that she should never treat her brother such a way!" She continued. Kiara nodded.
"Yes. I know."
"Well?? What are you going to do about that brat??" Vitani asked.
"I... I don't know, Vitani." Kiara replied, still bathing her son. She didn't have a clue what she was going to do about Zalika's behaviour, but she knew it needed to stop as soon as possible. She couldn't stand seeing Sudi so upset and hurt. She nudged her son again.
"When I see Zalika, I will give her a talking to. Don't worry, Sudi. Mummy will handle this."

Finally I finished the next story picture!! This one was enjoyable ahaha~ I wonder what'll happen next >.> I've been practicing backgrounds, but idk if they got better XD XD I also realized I forgot to colour his tail ;-; oh well~

Art, Sudi (c) Me
Vitani, Kiara, Nala, TLK (c) Disney

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Ah, this story is going so good! I can't wait for the next part Xiu :TLKhappy:

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