Leave Him Alone

Leave Him Alone

Glancing over toward the grass, the three cubs heard a noise.
"Uhh... what was that??" Asked a brown coloured female. Moving to the front of the group, Zalika glared toward the grass. Out of the tall weed, her brother emerged.
"Ugh. Just the brat." Zalika replied, smacking her brother with her paw- making him fall to the ground. He began to cry a little bit as the other two cubs also smacked him.
"Why are you following us, loser?!" The grey cub asked, smacking him again. Zalika smiled as her friends were beating her useless brother. Why did he even exist anyway? He didn't serve a purpose. It wasn't like he was the future King... She wondered if her parents would kick him out of the pride when he's older. She hoped so. She hated the little brat.
"Hey!!" A voice yelled. The three cubs were shoved backwards.
"Leave him alone!! He wasn't following you!" He yelled. Zalika rolled her eyes. It was the friend of her bratty brother.
"Ugh... why do you care? You're a nice cub... you could be popular you know!" Zalika exclaimed. It was true. Her cousin, Zuberi, was strong and very brave. She admired him a lot, however he always stuck up for her little brother and she hated it. He shook his head.
"I'd rather be his friend than yours!! Now back off!!" He growled. She sighed.
"Fine... Come on guys, this isn't worth our time."
A small scene of Zuberi protecting Sudi from his sister and her friends. The other two cubs are just random.. not official designs either. I am currently drawing concepts for Zalika's little band of friends!
Art, Zuberi, Zalika, Sudi (c) Me
Lion King (c) Disney

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April 06, 2019
South_korea Female Is currently on the site
Thank yuu!

March 16, 2019
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
Zuberi is such a good friend, I'm glad Sudi has him :TLKlove: Excellent work, the scene looks great:TLKhappy:

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