The Rightful King, page 26

The Rightful King, page 26

If you are having difficulty reading the text, follow this link:
(Waring: the DA version contains very slight blood, not enough to make anyone uncomfortable, but I still wanted to warn you)

Okay, this page was not much of a pain, except that first panel! I almost died doing that, it took forever and still looks so bad.
Yay, the cubs are growing up. Ooh, who do you think in the last panel is? ;)
We also get to see a glimpse of Ishi's mother, Akina.

One thing I forgot to mention is about Kanij's scars (In the DA version, Kanij gets scars from his father but they contain blood slight blood so I didn't add them in this version). They look unusual enough for people to doubt how it got there, but Kanij managed to make others believe it got there from play fighting with Kenzai. Since everyone knew how Kanij was, they didn't doubt him. Well, Kulisha of course did not want to believe it, but as I have said Kanij talked to Kulisha very little nowadays, so she could not actually find out that real reason.

Uru, Mohatu (c) Disney
Asim, Ishi, Ishi's mother, Kanij, Kivuli, Kali, Asha, Bahati (c) Me
Kulisha (c) SnowLeopard

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