The Rightful King, page 25

The Rightful King, page 25

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This page was a pain! Mainly because I suck at drawing hyenas, and this page has a lot of panels with them! But its also because I have already done half of the next page and thats why I'm finding this page much boring!
Anyways, meet my new hyena character Bahati! A hyena with curls!
Also, the reason Kanij is smirking in the last panel is because he finds it funny that a hyena is threatening him. He thinks hyenas are stupid and can't actually do anything against them.
Bahati hates lions, for a number of reasons:
1. Firstly, she was the daughter of the matriarch since birth and every other hyenas in the clan treated her as such. So, she always thought she was above everyone else, until she heard that lions are the rulers of these lands. That's why she hates lions. Why should there be another person more powerful than her?
2. The previous matriarch of the clan as mentioned by Mohatu in the previous page (who was also her grand-aunt), was very rude and vicious. She refused to obey the lions. They over hunted and slaughtered animals and Mohatu was almost gonna banish them, but luckily Bahati's mother took over when her grand aunt died and she kept everyone under control. But Bahati thinks this is lame, and thinks it is better to do as you want. Though, she keeps this side of her personality hidden in front of her mother, as you can see in this page. I'll post a picture of Bahati with a better explanation and the hyenas' history later :)

Bahati, Umija, Kanij, Ishi, Asim (c) Me
Uru (c) Disney
Kulisha (c) SnowLeopard

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Thanks Wind!

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Bahati is such an interesting character, I can tell Uru has a lot on her hands :SpecialTakaEmote: Nice job on the page Malta, you're doing great, keep it up :TLKhappy:

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