The Rightful King, page 23

The Rightful King, page 23

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And they just completely forgot why they went out in the first place XD

I'm sorry for my inactivity guys! It's just that I didn't get much motivation to finish this page, and I hate doing the background so that just adds with that! Plus, I have not been taking care of myself, I became really skinny, sleep deprived etc etc so I was giving more attention to myself, trying to eat healthy again and stuff.

Also, if it looks suggestive, no Kanij is not 'flirting' with Uru. They're still cubs. He doesn't even know what 'flirting' means! The only ones having crushes here are Kulisha and Kenzai, and these are just 'cub crushes'. Kanij is just trying to make friends with Uru, and this is just his way of making friends. He's not very good with these stuff.

Kanij, Asim, Kenzai, Mzuzi, Ishi (c) Me
Uru (c) Disney
Kulisha (c) SnowLeopard

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