Sharing A Mother's Love

Sharing A Mother's Love

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I realized I never really showed the bonding between Asim and Uru's parents. Nor did I ever mention Asha and Asim's mother, which may seem odd as Asim is still a cub in the comic and it's unusual to see a cub grow up by himself without a mother or a mother figure. So I decided to draw this in order to show who was a mother figure to Asim.

Asha (Uru's mother) and her mother comes from a small pride far away. I imagine her mother as a white lioness and I will draw her someday when I get the time. When they joined the Pride Lands Asha was already an adult. Their pride had been attacked by rogues and Asha and her parents were the only ones to survive. However, her father passed away a few days before they reached the Pride Lands, being too old and injured. Asha and Mohatu's love happened pretty quickly and she became pregnant around the same time her mother discovered that she was pregnant, as well. They gave birth around the same time. Unfortunately, all three cubs of Asha's were stillborn. Her new little brother was healthy but her mother passed away, being too old and too tired. Heart broken by her cubs' and mother's death, Asha and Mohatu both took Asim under their care as if he was their own cub. Soon, Asha became pregnant again and Uru was born. And since then, Uru and Asim were being brought up by Mohatu and Asha as if they were both their cubs. (It may sound like it, but no, Asim knows that Asha is his sister and doesn't think she's his mother XD)

I imagine Mohatu would make Asim his heir if he didn't have Uru or anymore cubs. I'll also draw Asim with Mohatu when I feel like drawing it.

Uru and Asim are really little here. Asim is the same age (or maybe a month older) as he was in this page:…

And Uru is probably a month old. Or 5-6 y/o in human years. Asim is probably 8-9 y/o here.

Asha, Asim (c) Me

Uru (c) Disney

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Bi Pride&Bohemian Rhapsody

September 17, 2019
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Kiburi Baaydaye
This is so sweet! It's a beautiful image, and such a sad yet sweet story. Wonderful job Malta :TLKlove:

September 17, 2019
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Beautiful :)

September 17, 2019
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Aww, this is so cute! They all look adorable!
Nice job :icon335:

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