What If TLK was based on 'The Legends of the Fall'

What If TLK was based on 'The Legends of the Fall'

Resume: In this image, Kovu has found out about both his brothers' love for Nala, and the rivalry between them. The brothers' bond break up.

According to the original story, Ahadi plays the role of Ludlow, the colonel and the father. Mufasa plays the role of Alfred, Ludlow's eldest son. Simba plays the role of Tristan, Ludlow's second son. Kovu plays the role of Samuel, Ludlow's youngest son. Nala plays the role of Sussana, Samuel's fiancee and the elder brothers' love, in here as the friend of Kovu and Mufasa and Simba's love.

Now, the plot is, King Ahadi lives in the pridelands with his three sons- Mufasa, Simba and Kovu. The three brothers loved each other very much and were strong and matured, ready to fight with rogues and enemies. Ahadi had trained them for the upcoming war from their enemies, the outlanders.

One day, Kovu met a young lioness named Nala and became friends. He brought her to the pridelands. IN a few days, Mufasa found himself in love with Nala. Nala only pretended to be in love with him too, but Mufasa soon finds out about her relation with Simba. There grew a rivalry between the two. King Ahadi was afraid what would happen. Kovu finds out the whole thing about his two elder brothers and he comes to hate them, especially Mufasa. The brothers' bond break up.

Secretly, Mufasa plots to kill Simba, being mad for getting Nala. Soon after that, the three brothers went to the war with the lionesses against the outlanders, as they had to.

When the war was about to be over and the brothers were about to win, Mufasa attacks on Simba, on thi particular time so that no one could assume who killed him actually. But Kovu spots him, and he jumped on Mufasa, because he couldn't let his brothers kill each other. Mufasa being a bit stronger, Kovu fell off the cliff into the roaring river. The loss of his younger brother hurt Simba very much. He attacked Mufasa, but meanwhile King Ahadi sees them. He tried to stop them but Simba was already hanging the cliff. Ahadi tried to save him. Simba being concerened that his father would get injured while trying to save him, he let go and fall for the sake of his father.

Nala screamed when she saw the incident. Ahadi was already injured seriously. The moment before his last breath, Mufasa realised how mad he was, and for him, his family was destroyed. The war was over in the meanwhile.

Mufasa apolozises to Nala and promised that he would be wise from now on. He told her to forget everything and rule the pridelands together to let the circle of life continue.


This is the contest entry for Eris. Sorry if it's a bit too long. Well, the last plot from Mufasa killing Simba to the end isn't exactly similar to the real movie 'The Legends of the Fall'. I only heard a little story about it, and don't know much about it's famous scene. But I just found it perfect, so I went with this movie. I tried to keep it as similar as possible. Hope you like!

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September 06, 2015
Bangladesh Female Is not currently on the site
Lion: Thank you so much buddie! Your one is amazing, too! :icon299:
WW: Thank you so much!
Eris: Thanks! I can't wait for the results!

September 06, 2015
Brazil Female Is not currently on the site
It looks really well done, worth the waiting :icon60:

September 05, 2015
Usa Is not currently on the site
Kiburi Baaydaye
Ok, this looks amazing! Your drawing is wonderful!

September 05, 2015
Is not currently on the site
I love the drawing and the resume with it! I love the sound of the story - I shall have to look up 'The Legends of the Fall'!

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